about me

Hi! I am Shreya Dhawan, an aspiring service designer from India. I used to love being around products until I realized I want to do more than that. I developed an undying interest for services and experiences and hence ended up discovering SCAD. I have been growing as a service designer since then and I love being a part of the service family. I like being surrounded by books and post-it filled walls with research papers and sharpie pens all over my work desk.

I want to be a game changer.
I am looking to design better conditions for people to explore desired experiences. Critical thinking and problem solving are my forte, its the first step I take towards looking at the bigger holistic picture. I believe in working in collaborative teams to develop empathetic design solutions. You can expect to find me diving into solving complex real world problems by playing in the problem-solution space. 

On a quest to explore the application of service design to nerve-wracking challenges in varied fields. Currently working on exploring organizational cultural change in servitized organizations through the application of service design.

Thanks for dropping by!