Escape. Run. Evacuate.

Escape. Run. Evacuate. 

That's all I heard through my last few days in Savannah before the hurricane forced us to leave. 
Leaving is never too easy. It brings back all the memories. I was paranoid, I was sad. I did not know what sight I would come back to.
I have been jabbering about experiences and I must say, bad experiences always teach you more than the good ones. All thanks to Hurricane Matthew, it twisted all my work and travel plans, tossing me to another city. I lay back on my uncomfortable Greyhound seat heading to Atlanta, a million thoughts running in my head. It was my first time into this city, with one bag on me - precisely carrying two pairs of clothes. 

Life in one picture

I wasn’t prepared for this. No one was prepared for this. You don’t always have a plan B you know. Learning the hard way, here is what I learnt from this experience.

I learnt the importance of having good friends in life, to make quick life changing decisions, to have faith in God and to believe that good things will always happen to good people.

I am fortunate to be safe and sound, still typing away my notes, hoping this never happens again. On the other side, my heart reaches out to all those lives lost in Haiti and beyond. 

As for Savannah, 
Savannah is love, Savannah will always be love.