Craving sees no time day or night

Post-lunch hunger war begins again, I am fighting with my gut and it is answering back. It’s angry again. I am praying inside, asking it to stop cursing me *Blep* (and it goes again). I cannot give anything to it; I just ate lunch- I am thinking. My thought process has changed. I am thinking deep and blurry, I realise that I want something super sweet - It’s funny that the craving increases as you think more about it. Hate it.
It’s a really hot day and a pain to head out - just to shut my gut up. I decided to rush out, in search of the sweet-god - something good enough to kill this craving. What do I have? - I look around places specially bakeries and cafes, everything looks so filling yet tempting. I am not a sweet-"loving" person plus I don’t want to spend on some ridiculously expensive “sweets” right after lunch.

Talking about experiences.
Spotted - Baked By Melissa - perfectly designed for such mini cravings at odd times of the day (Keep an ice-cream tub at hand for nights). From their ultra-mini cupcakes to the super cute macarons, the bakery is magical. They serve you with these tiny joys for as low as $1 just to strike off that sweet-tooth at moments like these. Apart from that, there are bigger versions too and party packs and gift packs and what not.

Don’t you just love the idea behind it?
Loved the concept, the store and the minis. Check out if it’s there in your city for a melt-in-mouth experience.

They look delicious, don't they?