*Click* Open in a New Tab

Let’s accept it, we’ve all done it. I have been frustrated for the 71243423524th time today to click and open the page in new tab, always wondering why these websites cannot be configured to ALWAYS open in a new tab. The only reason I could think of all this while - if each page opened into a new one, our screens would get really cluttered up. 

In any case, browsing through n number of websites each day for research, it gets utterly annoying to lose the information on the previous page. No, I don’t want to manually open everything in a new tab (my fingers get tricked on the Mac’s trackpad). What they don’t realize is that they lose a lot of traffic because of the user losing track of their positioning and flow while navigating. I hate losing an important page when they keep directing me to new pages each time. It gets harder to get back to where I was, sometimes the back button’s mood adding to the misery.
Usually, before closing all the tabs, I would check for what is important to keep and what isn’t. That would make me revisit the information on that page, read it and hopefully find it more useful the second time I glance through it (badly designed websites don’t inspire you to read through). If I like what I see, I would bookmark the website for future reference even though the design was bad. It’s a struggle won by content over design, only because i stumbled upon it again. 

Moral : There is always a way to turn your shortcomings into wins. Just think it through. The right strategy for the right situation, at the right time to things as simple as these - that’s all it takes to design great experiences and gain audiences.