Five things I learnt this Fall

a. There is much more to Service Design than just tools and frameworks. We’re in a world where we Servies are trying to devise an understanding of Service Design to the world and hence our contribution is really valuable.

b. The more you read, the more you want to read. Reading is addictive and it makes you hungry for more knowledge unless you’re just a useless idiot wanting to lay down all day watching Netflix.

c. It is important to share knowledge. Trust me, it’s the best feeling. Sharing what you know of and getting extra perspectives is always a plus point.

d. Never complain. There are things that will happen even though you might try your level best to stop them so don’t complain. Take the hurricane for instance.

e. Have fun in your projects and get the most of them. Ask and argue. Argue till you are convinced that it’s time to let go of the argument.

Hoping for another year filled with learnings and excitement. Stay healthy and stay happy. 

Happy Holidays!