Live concerts were never my thing - not because I was not a fan, but because I was never convinced that they were worth the dollars, until July 17th happened to me, Coldplay happened to me. I was lucky (no doubt), I was in New York City to be a part of the Head Full of Dreams Tour by Coldplay with my best friend Zuber (Alex, we missed you!). All things together = Happiest Day. Period.

Musicians are weird, they take your soul away and never give it back. Coldplay nailed it. The concert was magical, it moved us all. Most of all, it made me feel like it took all my fears, sorrows and shortcomings away, only to finally accept that music really hits you hard - right in the heart.
It was my hymn for the weekend, an adventure of a lifetime taking me to a mental paradise while I stood under a sky full of stars, my spirits went up and up and I left the arena all yellow, trying to relive the concert in my head. They took me with them. I did not feel like myself, I have to fix myself, I have to fix you.

I have no more words to describe my feelings. All I want to say is, get off your chair and go buy the tickets if you still haven’t, trust me you will not regret it.
Call it fun or call it tragic, I would call it magic.

P.s. Oh oh, and they gave us cute ‘Love’ badges.

This is the magic I was talking about - about over 62,000 fans at once in Metlife Stadium, NJ