I am a Designer. can I design experiences?

Sitting here, in my high-ceilinged agency office on a Tuesday Morning, sipping on some Lightly Roasted Green Mountain Coffee, I am still reminiscing the beautiful evening sky I saw last night from the Charles River, here in Boston, Massachusetts. Celebrations were planned for the July 4th. The sky lit up so gracefully, I wouldn’t have experienced it if I had decided to pass the day rolling in bed, just trying to live up to the definition of a holiday (my body still pained from the weekend’s hike in Vermont!)

I feel like I am on a permanent vacation with my thoughts. We both love being with each other, butt-stuck, almost always! Each day it wakes me up, pushing me to see something I have never seen before, never experienced before. I wonder why I never managed time to put my thoughts together - must have been the time-crunch (Thanks to SCAD!). But I must say, these 10 months in the US have been fab!

New cities, new people and new experiences have all transformed me, for the better. It made me realize that I crave for experiences! It’s the one thing that motivates me to start my day early. Be it an unplanned extended conversations with a stranger on the T-line, watching the skyline from a secret rooftop or playing with a peanut-sized turtle, every tiny encounter has been an experience for me, some things I probably just dreamt of, believed in and eventually achieved them. Those experiences, however small they might be, have made a remarkable impact on me. This constant back and forth thinking, overflowing thought processes and constant experience encounters are making me wonder, can I truly design experiences? True, I am working hard to be a Service Designer, but it all boils down to one thing, can you design experiences without experiencing a plenty yourself? Only time may tell, or wait, maybe more experiences will.

Let’s unleash those experiences together! So tell me, when was the last time you were Awed?

Oh and say Hi to Fenn!