All hail Post-its!

Experiencing the world of post-its way back in school wasn’t as exciting as it is now. Back then, purposes were different, approach was vague and solutions were dynamic. Things have changed since, and so have us.

Diving into last week shenanigans at work, we carried out two extensive post-it-is-my-canvas kinda sessions for our ongoing projects here at the studio. Even though both sessions were very different from each other, there was a striking similarity in the way everyone used a post-it.
I never really questioned a post-its purpose of life and existence but what was interesting to me was the framing of this golden rule:

Always use a Sharpie Pen to scribble on the little canvas.
As my mentor would agree, we both came to discover that we have evolved the use of Sharpie Pens as designers.There are three reasons why we would stick to that connotation.

a. Readability
Being at the other side of the canvas, we researchers need to wind up sessions quickly and collate everything together for analysis. It is important that we capture, refer back and understand each word and idea expressed by you. Hence we need thicker strokes for clarity. (No bad handwritings!)

b. Uppercase Please!
How much ever we appreciate your participation, we just have one request - Stick to uppercase whenever possible. I know we all think we have bad handwritings - even when some of us are just being modest. Reading a post-it in uppercase makes our lives much much easier!

c. Limiting the content
We need you to be to the point. Don’t beat around the bush - write what is needed and chuck the rest. We don’t want to read break up stories on post-its.

Additional Rule:

Always and always, just write ONE thought/idea per post-it. No reasons but just makes lives easier for analysis. It really helps us ignite quick iterations knowing how effectively we have conducted the workshop.